Our Lady of Peace Primary RC School
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Our Classes and Staff

P1 - Miss Reynolds
P2/1 - Mrs Hughes (Principal Teacher)
P2 - Miss McGuire
P3/2 - Mrs Adams
P3 - Mrs Regan
P4 - Miss Leggatt (Mon-Wed) and Mrs McKenzie (Thurs-Fri)
P5/4 - Miss Lindsay
P5 - Miss Holly
P6/5 - Mr Vornic
P7/6 - Miss Linning
P7 - Mr Zeb

Rainbow Room- Mrs Khalid and Mrs McIntyre

Support for Learning and Non Class Contact Time (NCC) cover - Mrs Connolly and Mr McFadden
Support for Learning and Team Teaching - Mr Wotherspoon
Support staff: Mrs Blackburn, Mrs Grant, Mrs McKee, Miss Howitt, Miss McNeely, Mrs Duffy, Mrs Mcgrotty, Mrs McGill, Mrs Dimeo, Mrs Gilmour and Mrs Martin
Office-clerical Mrs Rae and Mrs McCormack
Janitor-Mrs Bowden
Headteacher- Mrs McDonald, Depute Headteacher- Miss Black,  Principal Teacher-Miss Degnan.