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Electronic paint/draw templates


The children are great at using a computer app or programme, to draw and paint magnificent pictures - patterns, shapes and a variety of other useful creations. Our school templates are now available to download, so they can also do this outside of school and increase their learning and expertise!

You can view each template - just click on each link to view.

Our school templates can be used with the Windows Paint progarmme or similar apps or programmes available on other devices. All of the template pictures are png files.

Download instructions for each link (for PC):
1. right-click and 'Save target as'
2. Click to view picture then right-click and 'Save picture as'



4 points shape
5 points shape (with guide)
5 points shape
5 points star shape - join the dots
5 points star shape - join the dots (no numbers)
6 points shape (with guide)
6 points shape
6 points star shape - join the dots
6 points star shape - join the dots (no numbers)
7 points shape
8 points shape
9 points shape
10 points shape
11 points shape
curved pattern using 12 points (with guide)
12 points shape
16 points shape


Use the fill tool to create amazing symmetrical patterns!

Symmetry 1 line
Symmetry 2 lines

Other shape/pattern

My icon - create your own picture or icon using the fill tool!


By adding text and numbers to each axis and using the fill and line tools, you can create a simple weekly bar or line graph!

Bar graph
Line graph


Use the fill tool and line tools to create a map of Our Lady of Peace Primary school grounds! Create your own map key and add text to complete it!

Map of school grounds

Art & design

Can you create your own colour wheel, showing primary and secondary colours? You could also label the colours with text?
Colour wheel template

Can you fill in a rainbow over our school with the correct order of colours?
Our school rainbow