Our Lady of Peace Primary RC School
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Fun spreadsheets

Children's digital literacy extends to the use of spreadsheets, which use the 'if..then' aspects of programming. Typically the user 'inputs' small amounts of information and spreadsheets generate more useful information. They are useful tools to learning and organising.

Here some of our spreadsheets which we think are useful to both children and adults.

The spreadsheets we have made in school were made with Excel, which is one of the Microsoft Office tools available to adults and children in the school. They can commonly be opened using other compatible office apps, on various devices - not just PCs.

Download instructions: 
Click on each link and save to your device.


These spreadsheets automatically create accurate budget plans and calculations. You can use them for shopping lists or monthly budgets!

Budget planner (8 items)
Budget planner (20 items)


Magic Times Tables Producer - generates a times-table for the number you choose to input. Use it to help you remember your times tables!